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Looking for an activity where you’ll learn effective self defense, have fun and lose weight all at the same time? We have the program for you!

We train you unique combination of using the power of the body and the mind is the formula for increased energy, total fitness, the ability to defend yourself and the confidence that comes with this overall combination. Gordon Conwell provides you with an exciting and fun environment while creating a longer healthier, happier life for you.

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Founder, Coach
David Jones

Throughout the world, there are many traditional oriented Tae Kwon Do associations as well as many Olympic oriented Tae Kwon Do associations. Some organizations recognize both.

Gordon Conwell’s Tae Kwon Do program emphasizes traditional Tae Kwon Do training and methodologies. Again, traditional Tae Kwon Do emphasizes powerful kicking but also teaches a vast array of hand technique. Specifically, Traditional Tae Kwon Do teaches such exercises as Forms/hyungs (pre arranged sequences), target pad striking, board breaking (advanced students), sparring and basic two person defensive drills. It also teaches basic focus and breathing drills.

Gordon Conwell has also added a creative aspect to Traditional Tae Kwon Do by teaching creative drills; and by teaching the use of Tae Kwon Do techniques from a variety of self-defense situations. He encourages students to devise new ways to use their Tae Kwon Do knowledge for sport, self-defense, fitness and the art. Highly advanced students will also learn ways to apply their Tae Kwon Do knowledge to basic weapons (beginner students wanting to learn weapons should try out Kali).

Gordon Conwell has also implemented simple and basic elements of takedowns, joint manipulation, control techniques, pressure points, body holds, boxing, ground defense, weapons defense and multiple attacker defense. These additional techniques are to complement and enhance the Tae Kwon Do program.

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Physical Development for Children

Our high energy classes will focus your child’s energy in a positive and productive direction. This develops your child physically by increasing their speed, stamina and strength. Your child will have the confidence, power and knowledge to protect themselves from danger.

Develops Children Mentally

Gordon Conwell Martial Arts gives children the self-discipline and focus for studying and comprehension. This leads to better concentration at school that develops in the form of better grades. The self-confidence and self-esteem your child acquires gives them the courage and ability to say “No!” in the face of the ever mounting peer pressures they confront today. Gordon Conwell teaches your child to set goals, and take responsibility for their actions … helping them to become leaders in their life and their community.

Our programs let you experience a fun and unique approach to:

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Developing and maintaining a physically fit body and a quick focused mind are essential to getting the most out of life. Flexibility will be enhanced through safe and easy stretching techniques. Breathing and concentration exercises will sharpen your senses and reflexes while allowing you to focus on relaxation and elimination of stress.