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5 Amazing ways to use the Magic Wand Massager

The Wand Massagers had an exciting start. It was sold off as back massagers for the longest time and continues to do so in many parts. But don’t get fooled by its humble beginnings. Within a decade of its launch, it became a standard “household appliance,” having record-breaking sales every year.

Today, even after more than 50 years of its introduction, the wand massager is one of the most popular sex toys at Twice Tonight. It is the reigning champion amongst toys for clitoral stimulation. There are various reasons for their immense popularity that we have documented in our other article. However, if you’re looking for other options where you can use this toy, you have come to the right page.

In this short article, we give you the 5 most popular ways to use your wand vibrator:

  1. Gently place it on the underside of the penis while stroking the shaft

Who says the Wand is only for girls? Just use it on your dick!

Trust me; you’ll experience true ecstasy. Just place the vibrator under the head of your penis, and you will get an orgasm in no time. You can lightly run a wand vibe from the frenulum to the base of the shaft and back again, occasionally pausing to extend the experience.

You may feel that the rumbling magic wand vibrator is too powerful, even on its lowest setting. So for that, just wrap up the head in a few layers of a soft cloth, and you’re good to go.

This is also very helpful if you want to increase your stamina. Trying to delay orgasm using a wand is undoubtedly a great way to boost your sex life.

  1. Use it ON a dildo

I’m sure you would have already done sessions of using a dildo inside you while pleasing your clit with the Hitachi magic wand.

However, have you tried using a dildo and gently placing the wand on it?

Your favorite dildo suddenly got a massive upgrade, plus you have a powerful insertable vibrator.

If you’re one of those girls who get off with G-Spot stimulation, trying this dildo-wand combo is your best bet. Most insertable vibrators aren’t as powerful so using the wand massager to vibrate the other toy is the perfect solution.

  1. The wand vibrator is the perfect toy for missionary pleasures.
  • Get into the missionary position.
  • Keep the staff on your tummy with the wand’s head lightly dangling on your clitoris.
  • Gently press your bodies against each other, sandwiching the wand between your privates and proceeding with your game.

This is one of the best uses of the Hitachi sex toy, as it spices up your sex game immensely. You get to feel the powerful vibrations of the toy as you make love with your partner.

  1. Use it as a mutual toy while scissoring.

There aren’t many sex toys that are pride friendly or cater to the LGBTQIA+ crowd. So for them, the wand massager is a blessing. You can use this as a mutual toy for scissoring. Just lay in scissors, rub your soft mounds against each other and gently place the vibrating head between your privates. You can diffuse the vibrations using a few layers of clothes as it might get too overwhelming initially.

  1. Perfect for teasing on other erogenous zones.

Use the wand all over your partner’s body but don’t let them know where you will use it. Blindfold them and just hover the wand over their bodies, touching the sensitive zones briefly. You can target zones around the neck, nipples, forearm, etc.

If your partner wants to initiate anal play, wand vibrators are your best friend. You can even use it as a rim job enhancer. Gently place your finger around the anal rim and hold the head of the buzzing wand with your palm. You can also hold the wand closer to the rim if you want to level up. The indirect vibrations would be strong enough to make you squirm in bed.

Alternatively, you can use the Hitachi Magic wand as an ordinary massager. With its rumbling vibrations, the wand is a fantastic product for relieving sore muscles. And if you’re bored, you can use it for the magic it is known for— place it over your privates and get lost in the land of pleasure.

Go grab your wand sex toy right now! No matter how you use the magic wand massager, it is one hell of a product that can give you neverending orgasms. It has numerous functions, so investing in one is never a bad idea.