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Our leadership is focused on their respective programs and they come together to share techniques with the rest of the school. There is plenty of opportunity to cross train or to go as deep into your core program as you want.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a highly effective and comprehensive system of standing and ground defense techniques utilizing rules of leverage .  Many real-life examples show most street attacks will end up on the ground. This makes BJJ  (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) an ideal martial art for these situations which demand simple, effective responses.


One spirit Martial Arts proudly offers the art of Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand. Muay Thai is a style of Kickboxing where participants fight in the ring using their fists, feet, elbows and knees in a style that has become world renowned for its simplicity and effectiveness.


Krav Maga is the official hand-to-hand combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces. It’s also the preferred system for U.S. Military and law enforcement personnel. Krav Maga is not a traditional martial art. No katas. No rituals. No nonsense. Krav Maga’s practical
approach to self defense will make you safer and more secure.

Our Popular Programs

Gordon Conwell Martial Arts Classes


Tae Kwon Do

Gordon Conwell has also implemented simple and basic elements of takedowns, joint manipulation, control techniques, pressure points, body holds, boxing, ground defense, weapons defense and multiple attacker defense. These additional techniques are to complement and enhance the Tae Kwon Do program. Tae Kwon Do is an excellent workout because it involves movement.



HapKiDo is a defensive martial art which teaches joint manipulation techniques, pressure points, throws, rolls, kicking, striking, meditation, and breathing. All while trying to unify the All while trying to unify the: Mind, Body and Spirit. The goal of HapKiDo is to help the practitioner become a better person through its techniques and philosophies which Relies On Three Basic Principles.



A modernized eclectic Martial Art developed directly by Master Gordon Conwell by combining his favorite aspects of all his training from not only the styles he currently teaches but also styles he has trained in the past, as well as techniques and concepts that he has sought out, researched and developed. The emphasis is the flowing together of these techniques, drills and principles toward self-defense.



This program is designed so that students can learn basic self-defense techniques while gaining cardio vascular endurance. Unlike most “aerobic karate” programs, our cardio class employs heavy use of the punching bag so that students also gain resistance training, learn how it feels to make contact and get life’s frustration out in a constructive way. The class is done to music.


Student Reviews


“Learning Taekwondo with my children has given us an opportunity to spend time together and improve our whole family’s physical fitness. At the same time Gordon Conwell has the same ettiquette, marals and high standards that I strive to teach my kids. The kindness that was extended by you and your school members was greatly appreciated. it is truly gratifying to have a leader like you in our region.”

Kathleen Fisher
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Developing and maintaining a physically fit body and a quick focused mind are essential to getting the most out of life. Flexibility will be enhanced through safe and easy stretching techniques. Breathing and concentration exercises will sharpen your senses and reflexes while allowing you to focus on relaxation and elimination of stress.