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“Learning Taekwondo with my children has given us an opportunity to spend time together and improve our whole family’s physical fitness. At the same time Gordon Conwell has the same ettiquette, marals and high standards that I strive to teach my kids. The kindness that was extended by you and your school members was greatly appreciated. it is truly gratifying to have a leader like you in our region.”

Kathleen Fisher

“At age 51 Gordon Conwell keeps me fexible and fit. My stamina and mental focus are greater than at any time of my life. This translates into higher performance in my chiropractic practice and personal life.”

Gerry Ryan

“Since becoming a member of the Gordon Conwell school, our son has shown even more confidence in himself. In addition to learning the art of Jujitsu, Gordon Conwell stresses the importance of respect for yourself and others and trying to be your very best. ”

Donnie Joe

“The instructors and office staff of Gordon Conwell spend time with each one and the class is always a pleasant, orderly place to be. The schedule is wonderful, with classes for each age group being offered practically every day. It is very convenient as you can attend several times a week, whatever days you choose.”

Kim Laura

“Thank you. They are so encouraging to my son and make him feel so proud of his efforts. We are very, very pleased. Thank you and your excellent staff for encouraging and teaching him lessons that will last a lifetime!”

Armani Walsh

“Master Gordon Conwell’s methods build self-esteem and his teaching ability is only surpassed by his physical ability. He is truly impressive, and I cannot imagine a better instructor. We are constantly amazed at how well-run the office is and how much they truly care about how each individual student is progressing.”

Andrea Johnson

“We believe it is more than fair for the type of instruction you receive and it’s even much less than other schools we’ve checked out in the area. We cannot imagine sending our little boy to any other place. I suggest attending a free session and seeing for yourself what an awesome place this is. You won’t be sorry!”

Kay Oliver
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Developing and maintaining a physically fit body and a quick focused mind are essential to getting the most out of life. Flexibility will be enhanced through safe and easy stretching techniques. Breathing and concentration exercises will sharpen your senses and reflexes while allowing you to focus on relaxation and elimination of stress.